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A Growing Force within the Recycling Industry

National Paper Recycling is a growing force within the paper industry, involved in collecting, packaging, recycling & marketing over 4,000 tons of recovered paper each month. We operate paper recycling facilities through out the U.K. Our operations have the capacity & flexibility to handle wide range of recovered paper generated by retailers, manufacturers, printers & other businesses. Responsive service along with an efficient staff enables us to create close relationships with our customers.

Document Destruction

We provide confidential document destruction for companies with sensitive files or data that requires information to be properly destroyed. Once records are shredded, we provide a certificate of destruction for all material we destroy. Most of our clients include hospitals, attorney offices, and governmental agencies.

Drop Trailer Service

Our company strives to meet the needs of our customers. We understand the limited amount of space in many facilities that generate large volumes of waste. In an effort to accommodate these special circumstances, we offer to drop a trailer onsite for the added convenience of additional storage`

Direct Mill Pricing

The alliances we have formed over the years has allowed us to offer direct mill pricing to many of our suppliers, since we have long lasting relationships with many of the paper mills we supply. Besides domestic markets, we have international mill relationships with China, Korea and Brazil that allow us to offer direct mill pricing abroad.

Paper Purchased Includes:

School Books
Office Paper
Computer Paper
Roll Stock
Obsolete Boxes

Textbook Recycling

Many school and university systems have an abundance of books that are out of date or no longer in good condition. Our textbook recycling program allows these school systems to dispose of the books without sending them to the landfill. These books are sent directly to a paper mill, where they will be recycled and used in the paper making process again.

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